The team uphold this kind of business philosophy, it is a good thing for Redmond. In recent years, the ducklings have been competing in the goalkeeper's position: first, Hiller and Vikt-Fassa, and then Anderson and Shearer Josh Rutledge Jersey, then Jonas-Shearer and Anderson, and then this season's Anderson and Gibson had. In fact, the ducks last discharged the undisputed starting goalkeeper also dates back to the 11-12 season. 21-year-old Redmond this season to help Michigan Tech won the 22-10-5 record Fernando Abad Jersey, he also has 91.7% good rate of fighting performance. Prior to this, he played for the BCHL (Canadian British Columbia Hockey League) of the Sammam Egg backgun team. Yes, the team's team is very interesting. In the last 14 games, Kuqa Luofu scored 12 goals to send 10 assists, a total of 22 points, leading the league, while his six more goals also led the league, he helped the lightning team in the In March, he scored 10 wins and 4 losses, and in one of the 11 games he scored, and eight more than he had in eight games, including the last five games of the month He scored 7 goals and 4 assists a total of 11 points. In the March 23rd game of the Boston Brown Bear Blake Swihart Jersey, he finished his third hat-trick in his career, and on March 24 he took the Detroit Red Wings team's game Wade Boggs Jersey, and he scored the second extra time in his career. 23-year-old Kuqa Luofu in March made 22 points to create a record team of lightning team record, and his 68 games scored 38 goals in the league tied for the second, a total of 80 points The score ranked sixth in the league, his 17 more play less goals have created a new high, currently ranked first in the league rankings.