Goalkeeper position, the main goalkeeper Henrik - Ronquist in the injury back to the four games only for the team won a victory Cameron Maybin Jersey, and these four games, his fighting rate was only 87 Jefry Marte Jersey.3%, so The performance of people can not help but make the prospect of the cavalry pinch a sweat. In contrast, the capital, the last 10 games the team won eight games, locked the regular season champion also let the team morale is very high, the offensive, the current team of several strikes have opened the situation, won the league last week Best Samsung player's two-team left-hand Marcus Uthansen scored eight goals in the past eight games to send 9 assists, a group of center Nicklas - Baxter Roma has 2 goals and 8 assists, captain Aleck - Ovidio has 5 goals 3 assists, partner TJ  O'Shea has 4 goals 3 assists, and several members of the three groups also have their own achievements, which makes the team playoff prospects look very bright The If this is a subtle, then the oil boss, former Canadian ice association chairman Bob - Nicholson is the standard singing black face: "I am very disappointed with the International Olympic Committee Eduardo Paredes Jersey, they run the game, earn Big money, but did not give NHL enough respect.NHL but the only one for the Olympic Games shut down the professional sports league Kirby Yates Jersey, and a stop is three weeks, they should give NHL more compensation. In addition to the major officials, the majority of the majority of the people who eat the melon are certainly not willing to give up the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and believe that things will always have a solution.